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“Periodeia” Georgiadis in supermarkets for the household basket: “We found very good offers – Significant benefit for consumers”


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“Chains have offered significantly lower prices on critical items. We found fresh milk with 1.12, we found spaghetti with 0.62, we found sugar with 0.94″ said the Minister of Development

The consumer who chooses the household basket will certainly have a significant benefit in his weekly consumption and this is also the goal, said the Minister of Development & Investments, Adonis Georgiadis, after visiting 9 supermarket chain stores in Attica. on the occasion of the start of implementation of the measure for the household basket.

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The stores were visited together with the minister, the Deputy Minister, Nikos Papathanasis, the general secretary of Trade and Consumer Protection, Sotiris Anagnostopoulos, the commander of the Inter-Service Market Control Unit (DIMEA), Charalambos Melissinos and DIMEA auditors.

“We are finding that chains have been offering significantly lower prices on critical items. We found fresh milk at 1.12, we found spaghetti at 0.62, we found sugar at 0.94, in general we found very good offers”, emphasized the minister and added:

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“There are also problems. The site went down relatively quickly due to high traffic. We are now waiting for it to come back up, but it is reasonable that there will be problems on the first day.

We continue the effort for the benefit of our vulnerable fellow citizens and consumers in general.”

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For his part, the Deputy Minister, Nikos Papathanasis pointed out:

“We are moving forward with another measure of support for our fellow citizens, in order to face, in the best possible way, this wave of the exogenous accuracy crisis that is also affecting our homeland.

During our visit, we saw that all supermarkets have been harmonized with the instructions included in the relevant ministerial decision.

The products are already posted on the websites of the supermarkets and also on

We will clearly proceed with the necessary corrective actions to make it easier for consumers to locate the products.

At the same time, we will monitor the evolution of the whole process very closely, taking measures where necessary, to further improve the efficiency of the “basket”.

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