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Bolsonaro government leader, infrastructure minister and Tereza Cristina call for road clearance


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After the pronouncement by Jair Bolsonaro (PL) on the antidemocratic acts against the result of the elections, the government leader in the Chamber of Deputies, Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), asked Bolsonarista protesters to unblock the roads.

“Let’s go ahead, clear the highway and let’s get on with life, because in four years we will have an election again”, said Barros this Tuesday (1st), through social networks. He addressed protesters blocking a highway in Maringá (PR).

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In his speech, Bolsonaro did not speak directly about the defeat at the polls for Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) – which made the protesters express their intention to maintain the blockades.

“It was a very good speech, [o presidente] said what we needed to hear. We will remain”, said Bruno Santos, in an act on Castelo Branco highway (SP).

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In his speech, Bolsonaro broke a 45-hour silence after the result of the second round and, despite saying that interrupting the right to come and go is a practice of the left that must be condemned, he said that the protests are motivated by a feeling of indignation and injustice with the election in which he was defeated.

“The current popular movements are the result of indignation and a feeling of injustice at how the electoral process took place.” The president said that peaceful demonstrations are welcome, but condemned the curtailment of the right to come and go.

Former minister and senator-elect, Tereza Cristina (PL-MS), also took to social media to say that she respects the right to demonstrate, but that “the interdiction of highways harms Brazil’s economy” and, in particular, agribusiness.

Marcelo Sampaio, Minister of Infrastructure, asked the protesters for support for the circulation of medicines, supplies, goods and fuel. “In addition to ensuring the right of our population to come and go, it is essential to maintain the operation of essential services and road freight transport, so that there is no shortage of supplies in our country,” he said in a note published this Tuesday. .

After the decision of STF (Supreme Federal Court) Minister Alexandre de Moraes this Tuesday, the military police of the states began to act in the clearing of highways blocked by Bolsonar protesters.

The blockades began at dawn from Sunday (30) to Monday (31), in protest against Lula’s victory in the elections. The bans already affect or threaten to affect supermarkets, airports, the hospital sector, gas stations, in addition to, of course, travel.

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) recorded 235 points of blockages and interdictions this Tuesday morning in 20 states and the Federal District.

The PRF has been working since Monday in the case. Videos show, however, agents colluding with the protesters and not acting to clear the roads.

In São Paulo, the Tropa de Choque was activated to unblock traffic on the roads. Also on social media, videos of Bolsonaristas being expelled by other people are also circulating.

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