Coup acts cause problems with garbage and fuel collection in the interior of SP


The third day in a row of illegal road blocks has already affected the routine of residents of cities in the region of Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo. In Limeira, Mayor Mario Botion (PSD) declared a public emergency due to the lack of fuel at gas stations. THE Sheet contacted several of them, but the calls went unanswered.

The decree determines that stations reserve at least 5% of the fuel (gasoline, ethanol and diesel) available to sell to official municipal vehicles that perform essential services, such as ambulances. All city posts are required to guarantee the reservation for the municipality.

According to the city hall, if the 5% fuel reserve does not guarantee the provision of essential services, the municipality may block the sale to other consumers, as a way of guaranteeing the service to essential public services. The measure generated queues at gas stations in the city.

The Municipality of Estancia de Amparo informed that, because of the blockages, as of this Thursday (3), there will be no garbage collection in the city, since it is not possible to dispose of solid waste destined for the transshipment station located in the old Amparo sanitary landfill. The structure has reached its limit, with maximum storage capacity reached.

The material would normally be sent to the sanitary landfill located in Paulínia, however, it is not possible to reach its final destination due to illegal blockades by anti-democratic demonstrations.

“The city government requests everyone’s understanding, but informs that from tomorrow it will be impossible to promote garbage collection, so it requests that waste not be placed on the streets, until the situation is alleviated”, he said, in a note.

Hospital waste collection has also been suspended.

According to Amparo’s advice, representatives of the municipalities of Águas de Lindoia, Monte Alegre do Sul, Serra Negra, Tuiuti, Morungaba, Vargem, Pinhalzinho and Toledo, the latter in Minas Gerais, which also use the Amparo transshipment, will hold an extraordinary meeting. to look for alternatives.

In Campinas, the blocks caused this Wednesday (2) a reduction in the supply of products at Ceasa (Centrais de Abastecimento de Campinas).

According to the president of Ceasa Campinas, Valter Greve, so far the stocks are guaranteeing the normal trade of products, but the effects on supply could be felt if the road blocks continue in the coming days.

Apas (Associação Paulista de Supermercados) informed that, last Monday, it guided the 4,500 associated supermarkets to anticipate logistics in relation to their stores and distribution centers, in order to guarantee that the sector can supply society in a safely and without interruption.

“Occasionally, some supermarkets in some regions of the State of São Paulo, despite all efforts, started to report the lack of some items in the fruit, vegetable and butchery sectors”, says the entity, which says it believes that the The situation will be back to normal in the next few days.

According to the PRF (Federal Highway Police), the fines imposed due to the roadblocks are already almost 2,000 and exceed R$ 18 million.

THE Sheet could not get in touch with mayors.

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