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Alckmin will make new transitional appointments; see who is already and what is lacking in economic areas


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The vice president-elect, Geraldo Alckmin, announces this Monday (14), in São Paulo, new names of members of the technical groups of the Transition Cabinet.

Among the fields directly linked to the country’s economy, definitions are lacking in eight areas: infrastructure, mines and energy, social security, work, technology and innovation, agrarian development, fisheries and tourism.

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For agriculture, cities (popular housing) and social programs and the fight against hunger, names have already been released, but there has not yet been an official publication of the indications.

This weekend, the names of TV presenter and chef Bela Gil were announced for the technical center to combat hunger, and that of former president of BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) Luciano Coutinho to compose the group industry, commerce and services.

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See how the transition teams in economic affairs are doing here.

Who Has Been Appointed to the Economy Transition Team?


  • Persio Arida, banker, was president of BNDES and BC
  • Guilherme Mello, economist, collaborated with Lula’s program
  • Nelson Barbosa, former Minister of Finance and Planning from Dilma (PT)
  • André Lara Resende, economist and one of the fathers of the Plano Real

Planning, budgeting and management

  • Guido Mantega, former Minister of Finance and Planning *
  • Esther Dweck, professor at UFRJ
  • Antônio Correia Lacerda, president of the Federal Economic Council
  • Enio Verri, federal deputy (PT-PR)


  • Paulo Bernardo, Dilma’s Minister of Communications
  • Jorge Bittar, former deputy (PT)
  • Cézar Alvarez, former secretary at the Ministry of Communications
  • Alessandra Orofino, specialist in economics and human rights

Industry, commerce and services

  • Luciano Coutinho, former president of BNDES under Lula and under Dilma (2007-2016)
  • Germano Rigotto, former governor of RS (MDB)
  • Jackson Schneider, Embraer executive and former president of Anfavea
  • Rafael Lucchesi, National Senai
  • Marcelo Ramos, federal deputy (PSD-AM)

Micro and small companies

  • Tatiana Conceição Valente, specialist in solidarity economy
  • Paulo Okamotto, former president of Sebrae
  • André Ceciliano, defeated Senate candidate by PT in Rio
  • Paulo Feldmann, professor at USP

Social Development and Fight against Hunger

  • Simone Tebet, Senator (MDB)
  • André Quintão, state deputy (PT-MG), sociologist and social worker
  • Márcia Lopes, Minister of Social Development and Fight against Hunger in the Lula government
  • Tereza Campello, Minister of Social Development and Fight against Hunger in the Dilma Rousseff government
  • Bela Gil, presenter

Who has already been announced but not yet named

Agriculture, livestock and supply *

  • Carlos Fávaro, Senator (PSD-MT)
  • Kátia Abreu, senator (Progressistas-TO)
  • Carlos Ernesto Augustin, entrepreneur
  • Neri Geller, deputy (PP-MT)

Cities *

  • Márcio França, former governor of São Paulo (PSB)
  • João Campos, mayor of Recife (PSB)

Regional development *

  • Randolfe Rodrigues, senator (Rede-AP)

In which areas need to define names for the transition


Without definition

mines and energy

Without definition

Social Security

Without definition


Without definition

Science, technology and innovation

Without definition

agrarian development

Without definition


Without definition


Without definition

* Members informally announced, but not named

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