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Economou: The new budget marks the country’s return to European normality


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“It is the first budget in the last twelve years that is drawn up outside the framework of the memorandum surveillance” said, among other things, the government representative

In the figures of the new budget, which concern the income enhancements, taxation, fiscal and social policy, stated the government representative Yannis Oikonomou, during a briefing for political editors in Thessaloniki.

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“It is the first budget in the last twelve years that is drawn up outside the framework of memorandum surveillance or enhanced surveillance,” the government spokesman emphasized, and added: “This fact marks the country’s return to European normality, but it also demonstrates our national priority to maintain the fiscal balance of the country”.

Mr. Oikonomou also referred to the data as well as to budget forecasts on growth, inflation, unemployment and the fiscal outcome, saying: “For 2022 a growth rate of 5.6% is forecast, almost twice the European average, while for 2023 it is expected to be 1.8% compared to just 0 .3% estimated for the average of the Eurozone and EU Member States.

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Inflation for 2022 is estimated at 9.7%, while for 2023 at 5%, against 6.1% of the Eurozone and 7% of the European average. The unemployment rate is expected to shrink further, to 12.7%. Regarding the fiscal result, from a deficit of 1.6% of GDP for 2022, the country will return in 2023 to a primary surplus of 0.7% of GDP.”

The government spokesman also mentioned in strengthening incomes and pensions, from 2023; in the private and public sector, in the armed forces and the doctors of the National Health Service, through the abolition of the solidarity levy, tax reductions, insurance contributions and subsidies, which are provided for in the new budget, but also in the tax reductions and subsidies for construction activity, for the housing, for the energy upgrade of houses, the subsidization of student rent, the extension of the maternity allowance in the private sector from six to nine months, etc.

“All these measures to support citizens, to support businesses, all the actions we take to protect the quality of life, are made possible thanks to the country’s progress in every area of ​​government policy,” said Mr. Economou and continued: “Mainly , however, reflect the continuous effort made by our government to utilize every available possibility, in order to respond to the needs of the citizens, but also to the expectations of society”.

Regarding the issues of the rights and protection of minor victims of violence and the social agenda in general, he emphasized that they have been taken care of by government policy from the very beginning. “Our plan involves breaking up all the abscesses. With a plan, with know-how, with professionalism and above all with undivided care for those who are in a difficult position, we continue this effort”, said the government representative. He noted that civil society understands the effort, which is why “mouths are opening and the fear of the victims is being overcome”.

“We have the political will, we have the courage to move forward decisively to introduce new policies that will deliver more to more people and to clash with decades-old attitudes and establishments,” Mr. Economou said, adding: “On the other hand, we need to avoid the easy shouts, generalizations, exaggerations. All of these are practically dead ends, are inefficient and can potentially create much bigger problems. Foundations and volunteers offered and offer a lot. We owe them all the credit for this service and it’s good not to zero in and generalize without facts. Calmly, methodically, we must all work together so that the best is always done for the children. And on the other hand, let’s see to it that justice assigns responsibilities if they arise after the completion of each investigation.”

The government representative also referred to the government’s plan for the new generation and dealing with the demographic, with measures such as the European Youth Card and the housing benefit increase for young couples, with favorable housing loans, with the “My Home” and “Save and Renovate” programs, with student rent support, with youth entrepreneurship support programs, with DYPA employment programs, etc. “This is the answer and not the trade of hope, in which those who are unable to formulate a complete, realistic and documented proposal for the new generation like it,” underlined Mr. Economou.

For yesterday’s launch digital disability card, which is implemented by the government, noted that it satisfies a constant request of the disabled movement, pointing out that it will be able to be stored on a mobile phone and accepted by the services and that 500,000 citizens will be able to use it. Gradually, new services will be integrated into it. “The digital card is a card of dignity for themselves and their families”, emphasized Mr. Oikonomou, pointing out that this initiative will be accompanied by two other actions: the disability register and the personal assistant program, to facilitate integration of the disabled in economic and social life.

The government representative also made reference to the approval, by the European Commission, of the national strategic plan for the new Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027, noting that a great effort of the government is sealed, which bears the “seal” of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the which secured the resources of 19.3 billion euros for this new programming period. The national planning for the agricultural policy concerns the strengthening and support of the primary sector and the provisions for “economic, environmental and social sustainability”, he pointed out.

Concluding his introductory statement, Mr. Economou referred to the visits of ministers N. Dendias, N. Panagiotopoulos and M. Varvitsiotis to Cairo and the meetings they will have today with their counterparts. The Foreign Minister and the Deputy Foreign Minister will attend the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding in the fields of aeronautical and maritime search and rescue. Also, Mr. Varvitsiotis will sign an agreement with his counterpart for the employment of seasonal workers in the agricultural sector.

“These meetings and agreements highlight once again the strategic character and the excellent relations between Greece and Egypt, based on our common understandings and international law,” the government representative underlined.


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