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China resumes importing Brazilian beef


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China’s customs administration announced this Wednesday (15) that it will allow imports of beef products from Brazil to resume, to an important extent from the largest importer of the Brazilian product.

Brazil, the world’s largest beef exporter, suspended shipments to its main customer, China, after confirming unusual cases of “mad cow” in early September.

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Atypical cases mean that the animals developed the disease spontaneously, not being related to the ingestion of contaminated food, and that there is no transmission of the disease between animals, implying no risk to human health.

Beijing has resumed imports of Brazilian products made from boneless beef from animals less than 30 months old, according to a document published on the website of the General Administration of Customs.

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The Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil confirmed the suspension of the embargo.

“With this, the certification and shipment of animal protein to China will be normalized and can be resumed as of today,” the ministry said.

The ministry noted that in November the Chinese government had already released batches of Brazilian beef that had been shipped with a health certificate granted until September 3, before the embargo.

“It is really good news that we have been waiting for for some time, we had already provided all the technical information and were waiting for confirmation,” said Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina, in an interview with Jovem Pan radio.

The minister minimized the losses, saying that in the first few weeks, the bovine arroba in Brazil fell as a result of the embargo, but later reacted, with Russia opening new units for the Brazilian market.

She recalled that Brazil had some problems with the unloading of meat with health certification issued in China before the embargo, but stressed that “everything is normalized”.

The ban on Brazilian beef exports has caused widespread concern in the trading community, as China gets around 40% of all its beef imports from Brazil.

The governments of both countries were in negotiations to resolve the matter, since the embargo reduced shipments from Brazil by practically half.

China’s beef imports have increased in recent years, fueled by rising demand for beef from an increasingly affluent middle class.


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