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Black Friday has more promotions from 11 pm on Thursday to 1 am on Friday


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Despite the name, Black Friday promotions do not only happen this Friday (25). In previous editions, the most important event for retailers had a peak in offers between 11 pm on the previous Thursday and 1 am on Friday, according to a study by Promobit.

The platform specializing in discounts points out that, on average over the last three years, the number of offers began to grow from 4 pm on the eve at the main retailers in the country.

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The average number of discounts published per hour peaked at 209 at 11 pm on Thursday, dropped to 195 at midnight on Friday and to 127 at 1 am.

In addition to the previous dawn, the best periods to buy on Black Friday are at 11am, 2pm and 3pm, when 156, 134 and 136 discounts were published per hour.

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This year, the Thursday before Black Friday coincides with the debut of the Brazilian team in the World Cup. For Gabriel Alves, director of sales and marketing at Promobit, the sporting event will not affect the dynamics of Black Friday.

“After the games, the expectation according to our data is that the flow of people buying comes back almost instantly and the competition for good promotions becomes fiercer”, he said.

However, depending on the category of products the consumer is looking for, the period between 11 pm on Thursday and 1 am on Friday may not be the most favorable time to find a good deal.

For example, the peak supply of clothes or shoes must occur at 9 pm on Thursday. The same schedule also applies to consumers looking for a TV to watch the games in Brazil.

Mobile promotions start to appear at 8 am on Thursday and reach a peak in the early hours of Friday. The climb starts at 9 pm on the eve and only starts to descend from 1 am on Black Friday.

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