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Panel SA: Credit and government policies move the opening of companies in the country


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More than 1 million companies were started in the third quarter of this year. Based on Federal Revenue data, a survey by Contabilizei shows that 75% of them belong to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

Several factors explain this movement. There are ongoing credit policies for this group and the new government promises more lines to finance the expansion of the so-called MEIs (Individual Microentrepreneur). Another stimulus is the end of year festivities and the season of trade discounts.

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Contabilizei, an office that provides accounting services for micro and small companies, says that the ease of starting low-income companies and the possibility of digitizing sales processes, especially with the high offer of e-commerce platforms, helped to warm up the mood of future entrepreneurs.

“Traditionally, the second half is a period that marks the opening of opportunities for Brazilians in the retail segment. The MEI is the fastest and least bureaucratic way to undertake in the country”, said Guilherme Soares, one of the vice presidents of Contabilizei .

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In the third quarter of this year, there were 1 million new companies, 1% more than in the previous quarter (990 thousand). This rise began more strongly in August, which alone accounted for 391,000 new MEIs.

Business closures also registered growth. In the third quarter, 463 thousand deactivated their CNPJs against 426 thousand in the previous period, an increase of 8%.

Julio Wiziack (interim) with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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