Vehicle sales grow again in November


Registration of light and heavy vehicles registered the second month above 200,000 units in 2022. November ended with 204,000 licenses, a number that includes passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, buses and trucks. The data are based on the Renavam (National Register of Motor Vehicles).

In comparison with October, there was an increase of 12.8%. In relation to November 2021, the growth is 17.9%.

The result, however, reduces the chances of the year surpassing the numbers of 2021. For now, in the accumulated of 2022, there is a drop of 1.3% in the commercialization of light and heavy vehicles.

Anfavea (association of automakers) has been maintaining the projection made in July, in which it calculates a 1% increase in sales compared to last year.

For the goal to be achieved, the month of December will have to end with 253,210 units licensed. For now, the best result of the year, obtained in August, was 208.6 thousand licenses.

Even if, historically, the last month of the year always registers the best result, Anfavea already considers that the target will hardly be reached. Even so, it should celebrate the result of 2022.

The semiconductor supply crisis persisted throughout 2022, with few periods of relief – concentrated at the turn of the third to fourth quarters. In addition, the rise in prices of products and credit made it difficult to close deals.

Direct sales are still on the rise, boosted by rental companies. Next Wednesday (7), Anfavea is going to disclose the production and inventory figures. The expectation is to reduce the volume of cars available in stores throughout the month of December.

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