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In which agricultural sectors will 403 million euros be invested from the Recovery Fund


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Evaluation for 408 investment projects, amounting to 402,646,799 euros

In three sectors of the primary sector will be invested approx 403 million euros from the Recovery Fund.

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Specifically, the ministries Economic and Rural Development and Food they announced that the evaluation for the 408 investment plansheight 402,646,799 euroswhich were subjected to three actions of National Recovery and Resilience Plan, “Greece 2.0”.

The implementation of all the above investments can lead to the mobilization of resources, amounting to 813,819,348 euros.

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The actions to support the primary sector concern:

1. Innovation and Green Transition in Agricultural Products Processing

The action “Innovation and Green Transition in Agricultural Products Processing” has a budget 181,521,000 euros. It provides for aid in the processing and marketing of agricultural and non-agricultural products.
The submission of applications by collective schemes, producer organizations and schemes, which apply contract farming and/or verticalisation, took place during the period 15.6.2022 – 15.8.2022. They were deposited 85 applicationstotal budget 182,005,414 euroswhich are expected to lead to the mobilization of resources, of 362,148,938 euros.

2. Modernization of the Primary Sector

The action “Modernization of the Primary Sector” has a total budget 98,111,000 euros. Applications were submitted on 15.9.2022.
Its aim is to increase the added value of agricultural products, promote innovation and protect the environment. Additionally, it aims to create food supply chains, develop innovative and environmentally friendly mass production processes and promote extroversion in international markets. The implementation of contract farming and/or the verticalization of production is also sought.
The action was filed 236 applications from businesses and collective schemes, total budget 146,419,083 euroswith potential resource mobilization being modeled at 301,207,807 euros.

3. Green Agritourism
The “Green Agritourism” action has a budget 49,006,000 euros. Applications were submitted on 19.07.2022. In this context, investment projects in the tourism sector are being strengthened, which connect the primary and secondary sectors, with the tertiary sector, creating a new tourism product. They were deposited 87 applicationsall from small and medium enterprises (40 existing and 47 under establishment). The total budget of the applications amounted to 74,222,302 euroswhich translates into mobilization 150,462,603 ​​euros.


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