Heating Allowance: Applications close today – Steps to apply


Beneficiaries will receive their aid in three installments, of which the first installment will be paid by December 21

The deadline for submitting applications for the heating allowance expires today, December 9. According to the latest update from AADE on the relevant website in myHeating, more than 1.1 million applications have been submitted.

Beneficiaries will receive their aid in three installments, of which the first installment will be paid by December 21. Old beneficiaries will be able to receive as an advance the total amount of the heating allowance that was paid to them during the previous period.

Last year’s beneficiaries, as well as new beneficiaries, are entitled to the heating allowance for purchases that will be invoiced by November 30. All they have to do is register the required information on the platform by December 9.

It should be noted that this year a double amount is provided for those who will return to heating oil from another heating fuel (natural gas or electricity). However, last year’s income criteria will apply to them.

The steps to apply

Initially, an application is submitted to myaade.gov.gr to be included in the Register of Beneficiaries of the heating allowance.

In each application, the following information must be indicated as the case may be:

– the Tax Registry Number (T.F.M.) of the requesting person subject to a tax return,

– his first and last name,

– the number of his dependent children,

– the indication that it is an apartment building,

– the electricity supply number of the main residence property,

– the postal address corresponding to the specific electricity supply, if the residence is owned, rented or provided free of charge, as well as the VAT number of the lessor or the free provider,

– the square meters of main areas of the main residence at the time of submitting the application,

– the type of heating fuel or thermal energy desired to be subsidized,

– his contact details (e-mail address, mobile or landline number),

– the IVAN account number, which belongs to the beneficiary and to which he wishes to credit the amount of the allowance.

particularly in the case of a tenant in an apartment buildingthis should be done in collaboration with the managers of the apartment buildings.

Managers or representatives of apartment buildings or apartment building management companies, declare the following information in the application:

– the tax registration number of the administrator or the person representing the apartment building or the apartment building management company,

– A.F.M. of the apartment building, if any,

– the number of the shared electricity supply or an electricity supply corresponding to the apartment building,

– the thousands of shares of the apartments in the heating costs,

– the full name of the natural persons residing in the apartments which are not used as business accommodation.

After completing the above information, they should activate the payment process.

The dates of payment of the allowance

This year the increased allowance will be paid in three installments. It should be noted that the beneficiaries are required to provide a total of fuel purchase documents worth twice the amount of the allowance.

In particular, in addition to the advance payment by December 21 for last year’s beneficiaries, the remaining payments will be made by February 28, 2023 for all purchases invoiced by January 31, 2023 and provided that the required information is entered by the 15 February 2023.

Until April 28, 2023 for all purchases to be invoiced by March 31, 2023 and provided the required information is entered by April 15, 2023.

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