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Staikouras: The electricity subsidy will continue in 2023


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Staikouras: We estimate that there will be additional fiscal space in the next period

The banks’ plan for borrowers “is a first step, but it’s not enough. The banking system must react even more bravely, even more head-on.” This was stated by the Minister of Finance Christos Staikourasadding that “we will study the plan more and we will be in Parliament, myself tomorrow, and the prime minister on Saturday”.

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Speaking to ERT1, the minister also mentioned that what the head of the ECB said today has been incorporated into the Budget. He pointed out that “we are taking and will take measures to support society (to deal with the accuracy of inflation)”. He added that “we estimate that the way the economy is moving, there will be additional fiscal space in the next period. How and where it will be directed will be decided together with the prime minister.” He concluded by saying that “the subsidy on electricity bills will continue in 2023. That’s why there is a reserve of 1 billion euros in the Budget.”

Responding to a related question, the minister stated that “investment grade is possible in 2023”. However, he said that exactly when will depend on them external factors (e.g. natural gas prices) while he argued that “no rating agency, no investor raises the issue of elections (s.s. for the ratings). The elections are not an object to be evaluated by the international houses”.

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