Gasoline price drops 1.4% and is back below R$ 5


The price of gasoline fell 1.4% at Brazilian service stations this week, with transfers of cuts made at Petrobras refineries on the 7th. of the year.

According to the ANP (National Agency for Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels), gasoline was sold, on average, at R$ 4.94 per liter this week, a drop of R$ 0.06 per liter compared to the price practiced in the previous week. .

The reduction partially offsets the recent high cycle, which was caused by the increase in anhydrous ethanol prices, which represents 27% of the mixture sold at gas stations and led gasoline to surpass the barrier of R$ 5 per liter a month ago.

Despite the decline in gas stations, the prospect is that the price of gasoline will again be pressured by the return of federal taxes and the agreement reached between states, the Union and the STF (Supreme Federal Court) on the collection of ICMS on fuels.

The agreement maintained diesel, cooking gas and natural gas as essential products —and, therefore, with limited ICMS rates— but removed gasoline from this list. Thus, increases in rates are expected beyond the 17% defined by law approved in June by Congress.

The external scenario is also starting to turn. After weeks of lows, the price of Brent oil, the price reference negotiated in London, has once again touched US$ 80 (R$ 424) per barrel, reducing the space for further price cuts in the country.

According to Abicom (Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers), the average price of gasoline in Brazilian refineries is now practically in line with international quotations, after weeks above the reference used to assess readjustments.

Already the price of diesel was 9% below, or R$ 0.42 per liter, at the close of the market this Thursday (15). It was the third day of delay in relation to international quotations.

At the pumps, the price of fuel fell 3% this week, to R$ 6.36 per liter. It is still not possible to estimate the impact of the ICMS agreement on this product, since the new rate, which will be in Reais per liter and the same throughout the country, has not yet been defined.

According to the ANP, the price of hydrous ethanol was practically stable during the week, at R$ 3.82 per liter, 0.5% lower than that registered last week. In the plants of São Paulo, the price of the product has been low for four weeks, with an accumulated fall of 5.2% in the period.

Cooking gas, which also had a recent cut in refineries, has not yet been feeling the transfers. This week, the price dropped just 0.5% to R$109.43 per 13-kilogram cylinder.

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