Tax lottery: 100,000 euros to 12 lucky winners at Christmas by lottery


The Christmas “bonus” is worth 1.2 billion euros – See how it will be distributed and who are the beneficiaries

Up to date Christmas is expected to be super tax collector which is going to distribute over 1.2 million euros to 12 lucky taxpayers who use electronic money in their daily transactions.

The money is unrestricted, tax-free and not subject to deductions in favor of the State or third parties.

Specifically, from this AADE draw, 12 super-lucky taxpayers will win 100,000 euros each, while smaller prizes of 1,000 euros will be drawn from the unused amounts of the previous draws. The amount they receive will be tax-free and non-disposal.

In this particular draw, the following stand out:

  • 12 lucky people who win a cash prize of 100,000 euros each
  • lucky people who win a cash prize of 1,000 euros. Their multitude
  • determined by the total amount of money that may have remained unused during
  • previous monthly draws and specifically from February to August 2022.
  • In the first annual draw which will take place next month, all – the sums collected for each citizen, during the 11 monthly draws which – took place from February to December 2022, participate cumulatively. To calculate the – amount of money that results from the unallocated amounts of previous draws, the monthly draws carried out from February to August 2022 are taken into account.

The exceptions

Those who have won a prize of €50,000 in a monthly draw will be excluded from the big annual draw.

It is noted that in each monthly draw five hundred and 556 lucky people are selected as follows:

  • 1 who wins 50,000 euros,
  • 5 who win 20,000 euros
  • 50 who win 5,000 euros,
  • 500 who win 1,000 euros.

The monthly amount of money distributed is distributed to 556 eligible citizens, according to the order in which the lucky tickets are drawn (the citizen who holds the first lucky ticket wins the prize of 50,000 euros, the holders of the 2nd to 6th the prize of 20,000 euros, etc. .). In the event that more than one lottery ticket belongs to the same citizen, in the same monthly draw, only one lottery ticket is considered lucky and, if the lottery tickets win prizes of different amounts, the one with the highest amount. In such a case the list is completed with the next lachnus, until the completion of 556 awards.

How are fees calculated and when do they increase?

The maximum transaction limit is set at 10,000 euros per month and per participant, and for every one euro spent using a card or other electronic means of payment, one charge is calculated. However, lusts are increased in the following cases:

If the amount consumed using a card or other electronic means of payment within the reporting month exceeds 30%, 50% or 70% of the monthly income, the fees are doubled, tripled or quadrupled respectively.

Citizens with an annual, individual, actual net income, taxable and exempt from the submitted income tax return which is the last one for which the submission deadline has passed, less than 1,000 euros as well as those who are not obliged to submit an income tax return, enjoy double the tax for each euros they consume without the further increase according to the percentage of the monthly income consumed with electronic means of payment.

The allowances of each participant are increased by 50% on those calculated according to the above, for each protected child, as shown on a case-by-case basis from the joint or separate income statement of the parents.

Citizens with an annual, individual, actual net income, taxable and exempt from the submitted income tax return which is the last for which the submission deadline has passed, equal to or greater than 60,000 euros, receive one (raffle ticket for every euro they consume, excluding the The monthly income of this subsection means 1/12 of the annual, individual, effective net income, taxable or exempt of the submitted income tax return which is the last one for which the submission deadline has passed and does not include the income resulting from the added evidence difference.

Who participates in the monthly draws?

Natural persons who have a VAT number in Greece and are over 18 years of age automatically participate in the public lotteries, based on the data collected by the tax administration, under the following conditions:

– Make transactions using a card or other electronic means of payment,

– They have submitted an income tax return for the last tax year for which the deadline for timely submission has passed, if they are liable.

How the prizes are paid
The cash prizes are credited to the payment account that the interested party has declared or will declare for this purpose in AADE’s myAADE, in the “Register and Contact” option, and in which he is required to appear as a beneficiary. Citizens who are drawn and have not declared a payment account, are given a period of 3 months from the day after the date of the draw, in order to declare to AADE, the account to which they wish the prize money to be credited. In this case, the amount is credited free of charge, after the declaration of the payment account.

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