Gwyneth Paltrow: She’s on good terms with her ex-partners


Gwyneth Paltrow she tries to maintain friendly relations with all her ex-partners and she did not hesitate to share this with her fans.

The actress answering questions on Instagram revealed that she is still on good terms with some of her former partners.

“Very very. I really believe in conscious separations,” she wrote, according to Yahoo. “When you spend meaningful time with someone, it’s nice to have it turn into a friendship. I don’t want to have enmity with anyone.”

Elsewhere during the Q&A, Paltrow answered a question about how to stay productive.

“I’m a deeply optimistic person and I think that has an impact on having a positive outlook on life,” he said, according to Yahoo. “I think the reason I have a positive outlook is because I’m trying to have a really strong relationship with my body—myself, my relationships, and the higher power. Those three things align and I think they give me a foundation of positivity.”

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