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Justice pays BRL 1.6 billion in new batch of INSS arrears


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The Federal Court released the monthly batch of arrears from the INSS (National Social Security Institute). Retirees, pensioners and other policyholders who won shares with arrears of up to R$ 72,720 receive the money, provided that the payment has been issued by Justice in the month of November.

The CJF (Conselho da Justiça Federal) released, last Tuesday (20), a total of R$ 1.636 billion to pay off social security and assistance benefits, such as retirement reviews, sickness benefits, pensions and other benefits, which add up to 82,480 processes, with 107,012 beneficiaries.

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Also considering processes that are not linked to INSS and assistance benefits, the courts received a total of R$ 1.975 billion, for 181,518 beneficiaries.

The date of release of the money in a Caixa or Banco do Brasil account depends on the schedule of each court where the action was analyzed.

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To enter one of the monthly batches of arrears, the action must have been finalized, with no possibility of INSS appeals, a stage that occurs after the final and unappealable decision. In addition, the Justice must have issued the payment order (phase that is called requisition or assessment of the process).

Processes with arrears of up to 60 minimum wages are paid through RPVs (Small Value Requisitions).


TRF of the 1st Region (DF, MG, GO, TO, MT, BA, PI, MA, PA, AM, AC, RR, RO and AP)

  • Overall: BRL 784,279,141.52
  • Social Security/Assistance: BRL 670,409,127.12 (34,327 processes, with 40,303 beneficiaries)

TRF of the 2nd Region (RJ and ES)

  • Overall: BRL 141,009,835.72
  • Social Security/Assistance: BRL 107,363,501.09 (5,237 processes, with 7,038 beneficiaries)

TRF of the 3rd Region (SP and MS)

  • Overall: BRL 310,207,611.76
  • Social Security/Assistance: BRL 236,880,482.45 (8,301 processes, with 10,146 beneficiaries)

TRF of the 4th Region (RS, PR and SC)

  • Overall: BRL 427,110,814.98
  • Social Security/Assistance: BRL 363,091,885.77 (19,910 processes, with 25,840 beneficiaries)

TRF of the 5th Region (PE, CE, AL, SE, RN and PB)

  • Overall: BRL 312,652,385.87
  • Social Security/Assistance: BRL 258,307,558.34 (14,705 processes, with 23,685 beneficiaries)


Insured persons who sued the INSS and won the action, and whose date of the judge’s payment order is November 2022. The process must be up to 60 minimum wages, as arrears with higher amounts become precatorios, which have a different payment system, with release in only one batch per year.

The RPVs to be paid refer to the concession or review of:

  • Retirement
  • death benefit
  • sick pay
  • BPC (Continued Provision Benefit)


  • The insured person can consult the law firm responsible for the action or the website of the court responsible for the process, according to the region in which he lives
  • For policyholders from São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul, the court is the TRF-3, whose website is

Step by step on TRF-3:

  1. Go to “Procedural consultation”, on the right side of the screen, in a green frame
  2. Click on the little arrow next to “Process number” and choose the option “Payment requests”
  3. Then, go to “Queries by OAB, Process of origin, Requisitor Office of origin or Protocol number”
  4. Enter your CPF, OAB of the lawyer or the case number and click on “I’m not a robot”
  5. Then go to “Search”; then your RPV will appear

How do I know if I entered this lot?

  • To find out if your RPV is in the December batch, the “TRF protocol date” must refer to November 2022
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