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Panel SA: Union centrals confirm presence at Lula’s inauguration


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After four years distanced from the government during the Bolsonaro administration, the union centrals will open 2023 in the movement of rapprochement with Brasília. The entities confirmed their presence at Lula’s inauguration ceremony, on Sunday (1st).

Miguel Torres, president of Força Sindical, a central linked to Solidariedade, is going to the event, as well as Sérgio Nobre, from CUT (Central Única dos Trabalhadores), and Ricardo Patah, from UGT (General Union of Workers).

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The trade union sector strongly supported the PT in the electoral dispute against Bolsonaro (PL). They claimed guidelines such as the revision of the labor reform and the readjustment of the minimum wage.

Union dialogue with the government had been frozen since the beginning of Bolsonaro’s management, which even dissolved the Ministry of Labor, recreating it in July 2021.

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Government meetings with entities were rare. It was only in August last year that former Minister of Labor Onyx Lorenzoni tried to initiate rapprochement. This year, José Carlos Oliveira, who took the post, also made few nods.

In addition to the trade union sector, employer representatives also confirmed their presence at Lula’s inauguration, such as Febraban (bank federation) and CNI (industry confederation).

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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