2023 will have nine national holidays and five optional points; know which ones

2023 will have nine national holidays and five optional points;  know which ones

The Ministry of Economy issued an ordinance establishing the days of national holidays and optional holidays in the year 2023. The measure is for compliance by the bodies and entities of the direct federal, municipal and foundational public administration, without prejudice to the provision of services considered essential.

Ordinance No. 11,090, of December 27, 2022, is published in the Official Gazette of this Thursday (29) and further defines that state or municipal holidays will be observed by the departments of the direct federal, autarchic and foundational public administration of the states and municipalities.

The document also informs that the bodies and entities that are part of the Civil Personnel System of the Federal Administration are prohibited from anticipating or postponing an optional point in disagreement with what is provided in the ordinance that defines the days of holidays and optional point.

List of holidays and optional points for 2023:

  • January 1st (Sunday), Universal Fellowship (national holiday);
  • February 20th (Monday), Carnival (optional point);
  • February 21 (Tuesday), Carnival (optional point);
  • February 22, Ash Wednesday (optional until 2 pm);
  • April 7 (Friday), Passion of Christ (national holiday);
  • April 21 (Friday), Tiradentes (national holiday);
  • May 1 (Monday), World Labor Day (national holiday);
  • June 8 (Thursday), Corpus Christi (optional point);
  • September 7 (Thursday), Independence of Brazil (national holiday);
  • October 12th (Thursday), Nossa Senhora Aparecida (national holiday);
  • October 28 (Saturday), Public Servant’s Day (optional point);
  • November 2 (Thursday), All Souls (national holiday);
  • November 15 (Wednesday), Proclamation of the Republic (national holiday); and
  • December 25 (Monday), Christmas (national holiday).

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