Panel SA: Petrobras cuts the price of jet fuel, but the ticket should not be cheaper


Soon after Petrobras announced an average cut of 11.6% in the price of jet fuel for distributors this Monday (2nd) —news that could put pressure on the aviation market to lower the price of tickets—, companies Brazilian airlines countered the statement.

According to Abear (an association that brings together companies such as Gol, Latam and Voepass), the measure is insufficient to cover the increase in the product in recent years.

Petrobras says that the new monthly readjustment, which brings the second consecutive drop, completes five reductions in the price of jet fuel since July, reaching a 22.5% drop in the period.

But Abear reacts: “in comparison with 2019, the QAV increased by 121%, according to data from the National Petroleum Agency.

Variations in the price of fuel are usually felt quickly by the final consumer because the QAV is equivalent to about 40% of airline costs, according to the aviation market.

“This drop is still insufficient, as well as the previous ones. Fuel is still priced as if it came from abroad, with more than 90% of this input being produced in the country. QAV has skyrocketed in the last three years and this impacts structural costs and fuel prices. tickets”, says Eduardo Sanovicz, president of Abear, who defends a review of the pricing policy.

In a note, the state-owned company states that fuel prices seek balance with the market and follow changes in the value of the product and the exchange rate with readjustments applied on a monthly basis, mitigating daily volatility.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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