Panel SA: Airlines want to discuss fuel price revision with Prates


One of the great advocates of a review of Petrobras’ pricing policy, Abear (which brings together companies such as Latam, Gol and Voepass) says it already has studies ready on the subject and intends to take Jean Paul Prates, appointed to command the state-owned company.

Eduardo Sanovicz, president of Abear, has been repeating the speech in favor of the change in the international parity since last year, but he points out that “even under the parity regime, there is room to debate the QAV pricing policy”, jet fuel .

“We have the best expectations in relation to Senator Prates. He was the rapporteur for projects involving the sector and throughout his mandate he maintained constant dialogue with us. We look forward to working with him on issues related to fuel”, says Sanovicz.

Petrobras started the year, on Monday, announcing an average cut of 11.6% in the price of jet fuel for distributors —news that could put pressure on the aviation market to lower ticket prices—, but Abear countered the statement saying that the measure is insufficient to cover the high of the product in recent years.

Fuel price variations are usually felt quickly by the final consumer because the QAV is equivalent to about 40% of airline costs.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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