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CES 2023 has a pillow that silences snoring and a toilet that analyzes urine


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Pillows that stop snoring, toilets for urinalysis and “digital clones” for safer surgery were some of the new products shown at the annual electronics show, CES, in Las Vegas, before it opens to the public, this Thursday (5).

Driven by the pandemic, the growing trend in remote or home healthcare innovations is expected to be one of the main highlights of this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show), held in virtual format in 2021 and hybrid in 2022.

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“We’re going to see some really cool health devices that monitor or improve wellness,” Avi Greengart, an analyst at Techsponential, said of the show’s program.

snoring silencer pillow

South Korean company 10Minds has unveiled a pillow with a built-in microphone that detects snoring and activates air pockets that make no sound and change size to gently rotate a sleeper’s head into a position that facilitates peaceful breathing.

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“When you start snoring, (the pillow) detects it immediately,” explained Daehyun Kim, a company representative, to AFP during the CES Unveiled event. “It even differentiates your snores from those of your spouse”.

The pillow, which connects to a smartphone app, compiles data that is analyzed to identify snoring patterns, thus improving its response over time, added Kim.

“It’s a very simple solution,” he assured.

Sanitary and laboratory

You no longer need to take your urine to the lab for certain tests: digital health and wellness company Withings has introduced the U-Scan device, which allows people to analyze their own urine in the toilet.

Withings has developed two versions of its creation: one to control a woman’s hormonal cycle and the other nutritional. A disk inserted into the toilet bowl, equipped with interchangeable cartridges, allows measuring nutritional indicators such as hydration, PH or vitamin C levels.

“It helps people monitor their metabolic intake to optimize their daily hydration and nutrients,” the French company said in a statement.

The U-Scan, which connects to an application for smartphones via wireless technology, can even distinguish between multiple users, according to the company.

Withings will market the U-Scan in Europe from the second quarter of the year at a price of 500 euros (530 dollars) for the basic kit.

The device will be available in the United States once it gets approval from the FDA, the country’s food and drug regulatory agency.

“Digital Clone”

French company Abys has unveiled technology that allows surgeons to create “digital clones” of patients using data from X-rays and other standard medical tests.

In this way, surgeons will be able to plan an operation with precision, reducing time and risks, the company’s co-founder, Arnaud Destainville, explained to AFP.

In the operating room, doctors will be able to wear Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality headsets to access the patient’s “twin” hologram and other data while working, Destainville added, adding that US regulators approved Abys’ innovation last week.

massage chair

For those who suffer from neck or back pain, the South Korean company Bodyfriend offers for US$ 9,500 (R$ 51 thousand) a reclining massage chair that focuses on the nape of the neck, keeping the head trapped by a headband.

The armchair, called “Ghost medical attention”, presses the muscles, applies heat and even emits electromagnetic waves that relieve pain and discomfort.

This device “helps solve the problems generated by technology”, as spending time on cell phones and other screens can cause muscle, back and neck problems, said Bodyfriend North America manager Changjoo Kim.

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