See the value of new INSS pensions with the annual readjustment


INSS (National Social Security Institute) retirees and pensioners will have their benefits readjusted from January 25th. For those who receive the minimum wage, the income will have the value of the new minimum wage, currently at R$ 1,302.

Beneficiaries who receive above the minimum up to the ceiling will have their payment readjusted by the INPC (National Consumer Price Index) of 5.93%. It is this index that measures the increase in the cost of living for families with an income of up to five minimum wages.

Those who started to receive the benefit above the floor as of February 2022 will have an adjustment proportional to the variation of the INPC in the period.

Calculations made by the report show the new value of retirements and pensions with proportional readjustment rates, for those who started receiving the benefit in 2022. The first column, with the readjustment of 5.93%, considers who was already retired before the start 2022 and concessions started in January last year. See below.

Retirees and pensioners should consider that the readjusted amounts may also have IR (Income Tax) discounts, if they are above the exemption limit.

Those who receive up to R$ 1,903.98 do not pay the tax and retirees and pensioners who are over 65 years of age have an advantage: regardless of income, the Federal Revenue exempts an extra portion of R$ 1,903.98 from the collection benefit.

Without updating since 2015, the Tax table increases the Lion’s bite especially in benefits that are at the limit of a contribution range. If the readjustment changes the band benefit, the IR discount may be greater than in the previous year.

The payment date depends on the last benefit number, without considering the digit. For example, if it was 987,654,321-0, the payment would be on the date established for the number 1. This year, benefits worth one minimum wage ending in 1 will be paid on January 25th.

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