AirBnb in Rio with bed in bathroom makes jokes, and host withdraws ad


Tourists with plans to spend Carnival in the city of Rio de Janeiro had the option of sleeping in a bathroom equipped with a single bed. The main attraction was the location: in Botafogo, in the southern part of the capital of Rio de Janeiro. But, after the announcement of the property on AirBnb became a joke on Twitter, the host withdrew his offer this Thursday (26).

Despite being heavily criticized on the social network, the space called the “mini-suite” was highly rated on the hosting site. It scored 4.92 points, with a limit of 5 points, based on 36 evaluations. And the man offering the accommodation held the “superhost” badge—the most qualified hosts.

the daily stay cost R$90. The number of searches for the property skyrocketed after a Twitter user commented that they had put a bed in the bathroom and offered it as a suite. There are records on Twitter that the daily rate for the property would have reached up to R$ 399 on previous dates.

Sought, AirBnb did not comment until the publication of this text. THE Sheet asked if the number of searches for the property influences the amount charged and if the platform stipulates a minimum standard for rented properties.

Per its terms of use, Airbnb does not own, control, offer or manage listings, host services or tourism services.

The bathroom with bed is in a shared house called “Casa Cubana”, with fixed and daily vacancies. The report found four other accommodation options: four bedrooms, three with a private bathroom and a campsite.

“Large house, in an excellent location, located in Botafogo, 15 minutes from New Year’s Eve in Copacabana (on foot), 8 minutes from the Metro (on foot). Dead end street, quiet and silent. Close to the trendiest bars in the neighborhood” , describes the host in the ad.

On the page offering camping, the advertiser has a fifth room, now unavailable.

One British tourist rated the bathroom stay five stars and commented, “Great location in Botafogo. Everything worked well. Easy and pleasant experience.”

Those who didn’t stay in the “mini-suite”, but only got to know the accommodation on the internet, criticized it. “Only anyone who has ever come home very drunk knows that this would be the bathroom of dreams,” said one person in a wry tone.

Another Twitter user criticized the lack of separation between the toilet and the bed’s shower, as the box does not reach the ceiling lining.

The report was unable to contact the host.

Internet users also found a second mini-suite, close to UERJ (State University of Rio de Janeiro), in the Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of Maracanã. Despite the space being small, the bathroom was in its own room. The daily rate is BRL 75.

THE Sheet showed in July that the smallest apartment in Latin America cost R$200,000, with just 10 square meters. The bathroom is separated from the rest of the house by glass screens, but unlike the mini suite in Botafogo, it has its own floor and the shower reaches the ceiling.

The developers that sell apartments with up to 40 square meters say that these properties have practical cleaning and maintenance and, in general, are well located. Another trend is to offer, in the condominium, common areas and services such as laundry and gym.

This is the case of the Botafogo mini-suite. The Cuban house offers a bar for guests, views of Christ the Redeemer and is next to the Morro de São João environmental reserve. “It is a very calm and safe place. Be in the forest and in the city at the same time”, says the advertisement for another accommodation in the house.

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