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Panel SA: Nurses threaten strike again and give ultimatum on floor


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Union representatives of nurses threaten to go on strike from March 10 if the Lula government does not find, by that date, a solution to implement the new floor for the category, a controversy that has dragged on since the end of the Bolsonaro administration.

According to Solange Caetano, from the FNE (National Federation of Nurses), the leaders of the category have already warned the new government that they are going to hold an event on the 14th of February to put pressure on.

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This is not the first time nurses have threatened to strike. In September last year, the National Nursing Forum already spoke of the possibility of a stoppage. At the time, they staged demonstrations across the country.

At the beginning of this month, the category suggested a stoppage again, but the movement did not take shape.

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Sanctioned by Bolsonaro in August and suspended by the STF the following month, the new national nursing floor generated confusion in the sector.

The law did not indicate the cost of wages, which provoked a reaction from employers against the minimum wage. The case is under analysis by the STF, but Congress enacted a PEC last month that unlocked public funds to pay for public hospitals and SUS care networks.

Nurses now demand the publication of a provisional measure that defines how the money will reach hospitals and other health institutions.

“For us, this will only be resolved when the provisional measure is edited and, subsequently, forwarded to Congress to be analyzed and voted on”, says Caetano.

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