Survivor All Star: The Fighters are an unruly ship – The new “wreck” and the two candidates – Watch video


The Blues voted quite anarchically compared to what we’ve seen throughout Survivor to date

A winning team doesn’t change goes the saying. Conversely, the team that loses 10-2 in the first immunity must change something in the second. In yesterday’s Survivor we saw the Warriors change nothing and the Reds complimented them with another fine 10-2.

Possibly the strongest moment in the otherwise procedural match, was the dedication of Stathis to his partner Alexandra.

This defeat sent the Fighters back to the Council with the obligation to vote. But before that, Giorgos Lianos was informed about the activities on the two beaches and asked the girls of the game, and Spyros Martikas, to vote for the most beautiful Survivor Fighter.

But the Council could not end without the two new candidates. The Blues voted quite anarchically in relation to what we have seen throughout Survivor until today and nominated Costas Anagnostopoulos and Evi Saltaferidou as candidates.

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