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‘Now Lula and I are partners’, says Tarcísio, elected with Bolsonaro’s support


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The governor of São Paulo, Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans), said this Wednesday (1st) that he and President Lula (PT) are now partners, referring to the alignment between the federal and state governments for the development of the country.

“For Brazil to do well, São Paulo has to do well. Now President Lula and I are partners,” he said at an agribusiness event promoted by XP Investimentos in São Paulo.

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Allied with former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Tarcísio has been dialoguing in a friendly way with the federal government to try to advance in projects such as the privatization of the Port of Santos (SP), one of his most ambitious claims that depends on the approval of the Lula government.

On a trip to Brasília last week for the meeting of governors, this was one of the agendas he intended to take to government members such as Rui Costa (Casa Civil) and Márcio França (Ports and Airports). The governor said that he will invest in the matter and that he sees privatization as the “redemption of Baixada Santista”.

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“We are putting the arguments [para a privatização]. I had the opportunity to talk about this with President Lula. He said ‘I’m against it, but I’m ready to receive arguments, to be convinced, eventually if we realize that the project is good, I can change my mind, I have no dogma about it'”, Tarcísio told journalists at the event from XP.

“The same position we had from the Minister of the Civil House, who currently manages the partnership and investment project”, he added. The governor of São Paulo wants to meet with Márcio França, who last year vetoed the possibility of privatizing the port, to present arguments.

“Imagine São Paulo and the federal government united in a project that is important for Brazil, for São Paulo, for Baixada Santista and you lead this joint project even though you are in opposing political camps”, he said.

Tarcísio has already met with Lula three times in his first month in office. The first was on January 9, the day after the invasion and depredation of the headquarters of the three Powers by Bolsonarists. He considered not attending the governors’ meeting, but changed his mind after talking to different officials.

A day later, he met privately with Lula and some ministers. They took care of the port of Santos and works in the region, in addition to transfers to health. The meeting was friendly and the Chief Executive published a photo shaking Tarcísio’s hand on social networks.

The last meeting was on Friday (27), at the meeting of governors. Tarcísio took Lula to demands such as financing for health, forgiveness or renegotiation of debts for philanthropic hospitals, readjustment of the SUS table, and support for mobility works.

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