Brazil Aid of R$ 600 starts to be paid on Monday (13); see february calendar


Beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil —which will be renamed Bolsa Família— will begin to receive the R$600 for February as of this Monday (13). Payments go until the 24th, according to the end of the NIS (Social Identification Number).

This month, because of Carnival, deposits will be interrupted for four consecutive days — Saturday (18), Sunday (19), Monday (20) and Tuesday (21). The release of values ​​will resume on Ash Wednesday (22), when banking hours will start at noon in most cities in the country.

Part of the citizens will also receive Gas Aid, paid every two months by the federal government. The value will still be informed by the government.

See the Brazil Aid calendar for February 2023

End of NIS Payment
1 13
two 14
3 15
5 16
5 17
6 22
7 23
8 24
9 27
0 28

Source: Ministry of Development and Social Assistance, Family and Fight against Hunger

The Ministry of Development and Social Assistance, Family and Fight against Hunger has not yet released the total number of families that will receive the benefit this month.

In December, the last data available, the Gas Aid in the amount of R$ 112 was paid to 5.95 million people, in a total transfer of R$ 667.2 million. The income transfer program reached 21.6 million families, with an investment of R$ 13 billion.

A provisional measure published on January 2 of this year guarantees the amount of R$ 600, which would only be paid until December 2022. The gas voucher will be 100% of the average price of the cylinder determined by the ANP (National Agency of Gas, Petroleum and Biofuels) in the last six months.

How to know when you will receive the aid of R$ 600

The payment of the benefit occurs in the last ten business days of each month. The release, according to the ministry, occurs at the end of the NIS. Payment is first made to beneficiaries with a NIS ending in 1. Those with a zero ending receive payment on the last day of the term.

The citizen, however, can withdraw the benefit within 120 days after the release of the values.

Check the 2023 Auxílio Brasil payment schedule

Additional R$ 150 must be paid in March

The addition of R$ 150 per family with children up to six years of age should begin to be paid only next month, as announced by the Minister of Development and Social Assistance, Family and Fight against Hunger, Wellington Dias, in mid- January.

In addition, the department must update CadÚnico (Cadastro Único) and implement an active search to identify families that meet the rules to receive the benefit. Currently, according to Social Development, there are 40.7 million families registered in the registry.

“The registration update will safely allow the dismissal of those who receive Bolsa Família without fulfilling the requirements, people who were induced to register by the previous government”, said the minister.

Who is entitled to Assistance Brazil

Citizens who are part of families:

  1. In extreme poverty, with income of up to R$ 105 per person in the family (per capita)
  2. In poverty, with income between R$ 105.01 and R$ 210 per person in the family (per capita)
  3. In the emancipation rule, which is when the beneficiary gains a formal job, but remains entitled to receive the benefit if the income per person in the family is up to R$ 525

To receive it, however, you must be enrolled in CadÚnico (Cadastro Único). It is necessary to pre-register through the website or application and then confirm the data in the Cras (Social Assistance Reference Center) of the city halls. The deadline for confirmation is up to 120 days.

How is the benefit paid?

Citizens receive R$600 for withdrawals at ATMs, Caixa Aqui correspondents and lottery outlets. To withdraw money from correspondents and lottery outlets, you must present an identification document and your benefit card. Values ​​can also be moved through the Caixa Tem app.

Caixa wants debit card for Bolsa Família

Caixa Econômica Federal and the government are preparing to replace the benefit payment cards so that everyone has access to the debit function. The information was provided by the president of the bank, Maria Rita Serrano, at an event this Tuesday morning (7), at the opening ceremony of the meeting of Caixa’s service network managers.

“We are intensifying partnerships with the federal government. For example, the new Bolsa Família card and the other benefits will have the function of being a debit card”, said Maria Rita.

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