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Panel SA: ‘Welfare is just the delivery tip’, says representative of motoboys


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President of SindimotoSP and one of the leaders who participate in conversations with the government about the regulation of delivery services by application, Gil Almeida dos Santos says that the Lula administration will have to separate what is a serious proposal and what is a manufactured proposal if it wants to contemplate category rights.

He claims that the security agenda, defended by companies like Uber and iFood, is the “delivery tip”, not the main topic to be discussed at the negotiating table.

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“Before discussing the tip for delivery, we have to discuss the value of delivery,” said Gil, who also chairs the National Council of Motoboys and Cycling Delivery Persons.

The guidelines defended by him, Paulo Galo and other leaders of the category, include themes such as collective agreements, minimum wage, annual salary readjustment, reduction of working hours, premium for dangerous work, value of delivery per kilometer, hiring per hour, end of blocking made by apps without prior notice and tax relief for companies that hire motorcycle couriers and cyclists.

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“We don’t understand how the issue of security reached the government. Did it fly by and land on their table? It is a government with a bias in union issues, which knows the importance of collective instruments, collective agreements, labor protections and which knows very well that only security is not going to solve the problem. We have to start from the minimum of the right upwards, not empty the discussion”, stated Gil.

Last week, the government met with representatives of digital platforms such as Uber and iFood, as well as associations such as MID (Digital Innovation Movement) and Amobitec, which represent delivery companies operating in the country.

There is an assessment, among people who follow the debate, that the government was focused on the inclusion of couriers in Social Security and on formalizing it along the lines of the CLT, but the meetings changed the perspective.

There was also the problem of representation. Initially, the Ministry of Labor had called only the trade union centrals to discuss the issue and excluded delivery workers’ unions, increasing the noise within the category. The invitation to participate in the discussions came only after the Application Deliverers Alliance called a demonstration for January 25th.

“We want to suggest that the presidents of the centrals tear up the collective agreements of the respective bases and only offer security to the workers they represent. It looks ugly for the centrals to ask for union reform endorsing security, a point that does not solve the problem of workers in deliveries,” said Gil.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins It is Diego Felix

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