Panel SA: Flavio Rocha sees progress in tax reform with skepticism


Businessman Flavio Rocha, owner of Riachuelo, has been skeptical about the evolution of the new government’s forecasts for advancing the tax reform.

Rocha, who was one of the strong voices of the business community around the Bolsonaro administration, is critical of PEC 45, prepared by the current special secretary for the matter, Bernard Appy.

In the businessman’s opinion, the versions being discussed in Congress do not reach “the new uberized economy”.

“The proposals that are there burden even more the formal ethical economy, which sells with a note [fiscal] and registers an employee, and leaves completely aside Airbnb, the iFood of life, these dark kitchens [cozinhas voltadas ao delivery]”, Rocha told Panel SA.

He sees PEC 45 as winners and losers. On the one hand, sectors such as finance will benefit from the project, but other branches of economic activity should be pushed towards informality, according to him. Rocha defends a model that would redeem a tribute along the lines of the former CPMF to relieve the payroll.

“There is a very large group, which is more disorganized and apart from this discussion, but which loses heavily. These losers are very important sectors in the economy because they generate 80% of jobs. They are the service, retail, agro and civil construction sectors” , it says.

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