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First installment of the 2023 Gas Aid will be R$ 112


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The first installment of 2023 of the Gas Aid will be R$ 112, according to information from Caixa Econômica Federal. The benefit, which is paid every two months, begins to be deposited on Monday (13), along with the Auxílio Brasil, which will be renamed Bolsa Família from March onwards.

In all, 5.95 million families will receive the gas voucher, which is based on the average price of a 13-kilogram cylinder, according to a survey by the ANP (National Agency for Gas, Petroleum and Biofuels), in an amount that adds up to R$ 667.2 million.


End of NIS Payment
1 Feb/13
two Feb/14
3 Feb/15
5 Feb/16
5 Feb/17
6 Feb/22
7 Feb/23
8 Feb/24
9 Feb/27
0 Feb/28
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Source: Ministry of Development and Social Assistance, Family and Fight against Hunger

Benefit amount will be full in 2023

The ANP survey shows that the average cooking gas cylinder between August 2022 and February 2023 was R$ 110.23. However, the government decided to pay R$112, as it did in December.

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The benefit is available for withdrawal for up to 120 days. The original law that created the gas voucher determines that the aid is 50% of the average value of the benefit, but, in January of this year, a provisional measure signed by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) establishes full payment by December .


Families enrolled in the CadÚnico with monthly family income per capita (per person) less than or equal to half the minimum wage (R$ 651 this year). Families with members in the BPC (Continued Provision Benefit) will also benefit.

Women heads of households have priority to receive the benefit, as well as women victims of violence. For this, an agreement was made with the CNJ (National Council of Justice).

The payment of the aid can be accumulated with other benefits, aids and grants from the federal government. The amounts transferred by Auxiílio Gás will not be computed as income in the Cadastro Único.

How is the payment of the Gas Aid

The value of the aid is released in Caixa Fácil savings or digital social savings, operated by Caixa Tem. The benefit is paid according to the end of the NIS (Social Identification Number).

Beneficiaries can use the Auxílio Brasil card to access Auxílio Gás, making purchases at commercial establishments with debit or withdrawals at ATMs, lottery shops, Caixa Aqui correspondents and Caixa branches.

It is possible to consult the value and other information in the Auxílio Brasil and Caixa Tem applications or by calling 111.

Auxílio Gás was created in 2021, by Law No. 14,237, of November 19, and regulated by Decree No. 10,881, of December 2, 2021.

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