Panel SA: Senator of PT resumes project of un-retirement 9 years after shelving


Senator Paulo Paim (PT-RS) resumed a project to allow workers to retire in the country. The text was archived in 2014, still in the first term of Dilma Rousseff.

According to Paim, the idea is to provide retirees with a way to recover their income and, subsequently, make a new retirement request to the INSS. Government transfers would be suspended during the hiatus. In the second call, the worker can get a review of the benefit, with the possibility of earning more than in the first retirement.

In the text, the petista states that there is a discrepancy between the amount paid by the INSS and its calculation method, which cannot cover the expenses and care needed in old age. “Returning to work is more a situation of need for Brazilians than a mere college”, said the senator.

At the time it was shelved, the text suffered strong opposition from the government itself. Base parliamentarians argued that there would be a hole in the INSS, since, in theory, the worker would be able to increase the subsidy when he returned to the retired condition.

In 2013, the text was approved by the Social Affairs Commission (CAS) and would be sent directly to the Chamber of Deputies. The then leader of the government in the Senate, Eduardo Braga (MDB-AM), obtained signatures to make the project be appreciated in the plenary of the House, which did not happen.

Sought, the Ministry of Social Security said it does not manifest itself regarding projects pending in Congress.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins It is Diego Felix

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