Victory by force for Panathinaikos against Prometheus before the Cup!


The match

The two teams entered the match very misguided and had a very poor offensive rhythm. THE Prometheus was the first to find a run, with Cowan hitting five straight points to make it 4-7, before Culboca’s three-pointer made it 5-10 and Simpson added another to make it 8-16. THE Panathinaikos deal with me Pony and Manjuka, cutting it to 12-16, but Simpson hit another shot from 6.75 to make it 12-19. The first period ended with a three-pointer by Ghika for 14-24.

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With a 7-2 at the beginning of the second period, o Panathinaikos reduced to 21-26 thanks to Tomas and P. Kalaitzakis. THE Condit with four consecutive points he answered and made it 21-30, with the “greens” reducing again to 26-30 thanks to Agravanis and Tomas. However, Prometheus managed to stay in front with the outstanding one Condit (32-38). Somewhere there, Panathinaikos went on a 9-0 run with Ponitka and Lee to make it 41-38. The half ended at 43-40.

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In the third period, Hog with four quick points he tied it at 44-44, before Muratos made it 46-47 with a three-pointer. Two consecutive 3-pointers by Bohorides and Ponitka scored 52-47, but Prometheus again reduced to a point with Kulboka (54-53), before going ahead with Dangubic (54-56). The “greens” with Kalaitzakis and Lee went on an 8-0 run to make it 62-56. Patrinoi answered again, cutting to 64-63, before the final 66-63 third quarter.

THE Panathinaikos early in the fourth period he went to +5 with the Agravani (70-65). Prometheus was a “tough nut” and stayed close until the middle of the period (72-69), reducing even to a point (72-71). Bacon made +5 with a goal foul (76-71), but Kulboka responded with a three-pointer (76-74), before Simpson tied at 76. Panathinaikos went on a 5-0 run with Gudaitis and Bacon for 81-76. Two shots of him Kalaitzakis they wrote 85-76, and somewhere there the match ended for Panathinaikos.

The quarters: 14-24, 43-40, 66-63, 87-79

Detailed match statistics here

Source: Sport Fm

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