Panel SA: President of CFM criticizes use of mask against Covid


The president of the CFM (Federal Council of Medicine), José Hiran da Silva Gallo, sent this Monday (13) a letter to Anvisa criticizing the maintenance of the use of masks by the general population as a way to reduce the cases of Covid.

In the document, he treats the use of protection as an ideology and states that disposal can cause an environmental problem.

Anvisa regulates the use of masks only at airports, in the boarding area and inside planes. In the text to the organ, Gallo says that there is no evidence of protection, but of harm to the health of crew and passengers on aircraft.

“The use of masks as a sign of virtue or as a measure of a sense of social belonging can never be imposed on people who do not share such ideologies or behaviors, especially in the absence of scientific evidence or even possible damage to the patient’s health”, he says. Rooster at craft.

For him, the predictions of increased curves and deaths made at the end of last year were “dramatic” and “mistakenly made”.

“The large increase in the production and use of surgical masks still seems to be producing a major environmental problem, creating a challenge both in terms of the disposal of the products themselves and the residues from their eventual cleaning, representing a risk of chemical contamination by microplastics and silver nanoparticles , as well as infection with SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens,” wrote Gallo.

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