The option of choosing an insurance category is now equally available to employed as land workers, who wish to receive higher pension benefits at the end of their insurance life.

For this reason, a special electronic platform was put into operation on the e-EFKA website, through which – exclusively – those employed as land workers can freely choose the insurance category in which they wish to be classified.

In particular, the choice of insurance category concerns both the years 2020-2022 and the current year 2023 (provided that they continue to be employed as land workers).

The following are highlighted:

  • The choice of insurance category is declared for the Main Insurance branches and is valid for the whole year.
  • The deadline for submitting the application – declaration of choice of insurance category is 31/3/2023.
  • Insureds who will not submit an application – declaration of category selection will be included in the first (1st) Farmers insurance category.

Those interested who wish to submit their request follow the following route through (Electronic Services: Section Farmers → Selection of Land Workers Insurance Category.