By Chrysostomos Tsoufis

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With the exception of “BARBARA”, February is a very mild month meteorologically. However, it is a very tax-heavy month as in its 4 and today remaining days – but only 2 working days – a number of obligations must be settled:

– 8th and final installment of the income tax amounting to approximately €350m for natural persons and €520m for businesses.
– 10th and last installment of ENFIA amounting to €300m
-Traffic fees amounting to €1.2 billion

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Only from these 3 obligations, approximately €2.4 billion will enter the public coffers. This amount will approach €3 billion if:

-The monthly installment for the various debt arrangements
-The second installment of VAT for the fourth quarter of 2022 for all businesses that keep aplographic books and the first installment or the one-off payment of the January VAT for businesses that keep aplographic books.
-The monthly repayment installment of the refundable advance

However, apart from the above, the last day of the month is also the end of time for a series of other pending matters:

-Digital registration of license plates. Those who withdraw the I.X. , they will have the possibility to activate it again from April as based on the planning before Easter the traffic fees will come with the month.
-Filing an application for a separate tax return for spouses. Spouses who will… dare to do so should know that in the case of separate tax returns, the presumptions of living are borne by each spouse separately since there is no more family income. They should also know that one spouse cannot, by consuming capital from the other spouse’s income, cover the living expenses that fall on him.
– Application for out-of-court resolution of tax disputes. Those who participate in this procedure before the Special Committee of the Ministry of Finance and are not justified, will be asked to pay taxes, fines and surcharges but with a discount of up to 75% on the surcharges and repayment of taxes and fines in up to 24 installments.
-Finalization of data for properties and short-term leases. Owners who find errors or omissions in the property or income data they declared must make the necessary changes in the AADE register.