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BBB 23: Key Alves speaks ill of MC Guimê behind his back and is labeled false by the web


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After the formation of Paredão Relâmpago this Thursday (23), MC Guimê went to explain his justification that he gave to Key Alves and Gustavo live, but the couple did not swallow the singer’s comment. “You are our target and we don’t keep telling anyone that you play. I came to play (…) To hear that you have to tell them that Key is playing is unnecessary. Everyone sees it the way they have what to play…”, says the sister.

He hits the athlete and the three start a discussion, but in the end they understand each other. However, when Guimê leaves the room, Key and Gustavo make fun of their brother. “My egg! Vote for us and now you’re going to piss me off, saying I’m on vacation?”, she says, making an obscene gesture with her hands.

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Key Alves and Gustavo

Key Alves and Gustavo – Playback/Globe

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On the web, netizens sided with the singer. Fabiana Claudino, athlete from Osasco (current Key Alves team) said that MC Guimê was the playmaker of the game. “He defended, attacked and went out to the crowd”, she wrote, defending the participant.

Several netizens criticized the falsehood of the volleyball player, who continues to speak ill of the participants behind their backs and being dissimulated, especially with MC Guimê.

Source: Folha

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