The bid book for the new syndicated issue of a 5-year Greek government bond opens shortly.

According to estimates, with the new bond, which expires on June 15, 2028, the State will raise an amount of at least 1.5 – 2 billion euros, thus covering almost 80% of this year’s loan program.

Paribas, Citi, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Nomura and Piraeus Bank are taking over the new version, as can be seen from the announcement, which was issued by ODDIX immediately after the announcement of the date of the elections yesterday by the Prime Minister.

In the secondary market yesterday, the benchmark Greek five-year bond traded at a yield of 3.75% from 3.62% the previous day, while the yield of the Greek ten-year bond has increased to 4.19% from 4.14% respectively.

It is recalled that since the beginning of the year, the Greek State has drawn approximately 3.5 billion euros from the markets. The total loan program for this year has been determined to reach approximately 7 billion euros.