By Chrysostomos Tsoufis

Its time LIGHT arrived and according to the AADE at the weekend, the settlement statements for the approximately 7.3 million owners will be posted. The public coffers are expected to receive around €2.25 billion, which will be paid in 10 monthly installments starting from the end of May until February 2024. Contrary to what applies to the payment of income tax, here there is no deduction of 3% in case of lump sum payment.

In addition to the 10 monthly installments or the one-off payment, there is the option of paying in 12 installments via credit card or in 24 installments if the taxpayer chooses to include the debt in the fixed arrangement.

As long as there have been no changes in the property situation, the vast majority of taxpayers will pay the same ENFIA as last year. As last year – and after the changes in the objectives – a tax deduction applies depending on the amount of real estate:

-30% for real estate up to €100,000

-25% for real estate up to €150,000

-20% for real estate up to €250,000

-15% for real estate up to €300,000

-10% for real estate up to €400,000

Of course, the exemption from the tax applies to those who have three or more children or who have a disability of more than 80%, provided that they have an annual income of up to €12,000 increased by €1,000 for the spouse and each protected member. Also, the total area of ​​the buildings must not exceed 150 sq.m.

In addition, a 50% discount applies for taxpayers with a family income of up to €9,000 increased by €1,000 for the spouse and each dependent member and a total building area of ​​up to 150 sq.m. as long as the total value of real estate does not exceed the amount of €85,000 for a single person, €150,000 for a married person and his wife or a single-parent family with one dependent child and €200,000 for a married person with his wife and their dependent children or the single-parent family with two dependent children.

In this context, the AADE has informed that the tax refunds that will be carried out today – as is now done every week – will concern tax returns that were submitted until Wednesday, April 26. Returns from returns submitted from Thursday 27 April and then they will be offset against ENFIA debts, if of course they exist. Therefore, in order to avoid the set-off, one should either have already submitted his tax return, or he should wait for the issuance of his settlement statement, pay the ENFIA and then submit his tax return.