By Antonis Anzoletou

The “government of the losers” is a conversation that will take a lot of time in the pre-election period. It clearly suits her New Democracy, since it shows SYRIZA wanting to form an unstable and short-lived government that will also be a “repeat” of 2015, as it will also include MeRA25. Even in the form of the tolerance vote that entered the debate this week. Yanis Varoufakis has ruled out any such possibility. From Koumoundourou, despite last week’s “disagreements”, they insist that the only possibility they are discussing for the formation of a progressive government is for SYRIZA to cut the thread first at the ballot box on May 21. Kyriakos Mitsotakis and all the blue-collar executives constantly declare that in the official opposition they have a “plan b” that includes a government of three minority forces. And they won’t stop saying it until the polls open ringing a “bell” to the electorate. After all, from the side of the majority, they argue from the first moment that the change of the electoral system was a maneuver by Alexis Tsipras to cut off New Democracy’s path to power.

No one disputes what is politically correct. The former should either form an independent government or seek through the exploratory orders the scope for collaborations it has. Alexis Tsipras also supports this without asterisks. The truth, however, is that the simple proportional electoral system, voted for by SYRIZA in the summer of 2016, it is the only one that allows for alternative scenarios. And it is true that the Constitution does not define the way in which the majority of the 151 deputies will be formed. The “sudden death” of New Democracy, based on the addition, “SYRIZA 31% + PASOK 12% + MeRA25 4%” with SYRIZA second and with 10% outside the Parliament, is not an easily achievable electoral equation. And for this reason the leading echelons of the official opposition are angry with those who publicly examine the sub-case of an election result.

Only the participation of the KKE in a government of the progressive forces or the “vote of tolerance” could solve this riddle. Dimitris Koutsoubas has categorically ruled out any such scenario. The general secretary of the Central Committee of the KKE he becomes even more aggressive towards SYRIZA as the polls approach, seeing that there are many disillusioned Left voters looking for political shelter. The recent position of Nikos Androulakis from Trikala was also critical: “We are not talking about the government of the winners or the losers. I have never seen a prime minister bring up the simple analogy and then say that he does not use it, if he is not the first party. So how does simple analog work? Do you know what all this shows? Their opportunism.” Is Nikos Androulakis delivering “lessons of simple analogy” or is he simply strongly expressing his desire for the first ballot to show a government? Yanis Varoufakis also moved to hard rock rhythms in his interview on the same topic: “So, when Mr. Tsipras closes the door and says “no discussion, come later”, he basically tells us, come and get some ministerial car and give me votes to become prime minister. My arm should be cut off from the shoulder for doing such a thing. We do not exist for Mr. Tsipras to become prime minister again or for anyone to become prime minister.”

All these statements show that during the investigative orders for any cooperation to emerge under any circumstances very large differences between the parties will have to be overcome, as programmatically there has been no discussion. And certainly forget all the “heavy talk” and the toxic climate that will have been produced during the pre-election period. Unless François Mitterrand’s saying, which has been heard a lot lately from the SYRIZA camp, is confirmed: “Before the elections and after the elections there is an event that changes everything. And this is none other than the elections.”