It is extended until September 30 the framework of interventions in the energy market, which includes the suspension of the readjustment clause of electricity tariffs and recovery of electricity producers’ surpluses.

Specifically, as announced by the Ministry of Environment and Energy by Ministerial Decision:

  • The mechanism for the recovery of excess revenues of electricity producers which has been applied with great success since July 2022, having already contributed over Euro 3.25 billion. to date in the Energy Transition Fund, to absorb most of the cost increase for consumers due to the energy crisis, is extended until 30 September 2023.
  • The suspension of the application of the adjustment clause in electricity tariffs is extended until the same date.

“The strengthening of the TEM through the amounts coming from the mechanism for imposing ceilings on power producers continues in this way for the transitional period of the election of the new Government, which will result from the upcoming election process.

Also, the appropriate information of consumers is temporarily ensured, through the measure of suspending the application of the adjustment clause in the tariffs, as the electricity supply companies continue to announce in the following months, until the 20th day of the previous billing month, the electricity supply charges that will apply for the next month, respecting the transparency and comparability of tariffs for consumers”, emphasizes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Minister of Environment and Energy, Kostas Skrekas, stated: “We are continuing the successful institutional interventions to mitigate the consequences of the energy crisis, extending the operation of the excess revenue retention mechanism, which has already generated over Euro 3.25 billion. for the benefit of consumers.

Alongside we are extending the suspension of the readjustment clause in the invoices, in order to support our fellow citizens but also to facilitate the new Government, which will result from the upcoming elections, so that there is an appropriate period of time for the relevant decisions to be made. As we have proven since the beginning of the energy crisis, we stand by consumers and support them in every possible way, with the network of measures we have put in place, ensuring affordable electricity prices for everyone”