Greek taxpayers claim tax consistency for Oscar, since they show a remarkable consistency and pay on time the 8.5 out of 10 euros certified by the Tax Office.

The above results from the data released yesterday by AADE, for the period January – April 2023, while the taxes that precede their repayment are the business income tax, VAT and ENFIA.

Also, another important element is that the number of these debtors at the end of April 2023 to the Tax Office, compared to last year, has decreased by almost 257 thousand, while the number has also decreased by 50 thousand compared to the end of March of 2023. Compared to January, which had exceeded 4 million, it is reduced by 348,167 TINs.

Specifically, the number of debtors of the Tax Office amounted to 3,687,278 natural and legal persons and is reduced

At the same time, for the 4 months, the new overdue tax debt reached 2.140 billion euros, while in the same period last year it had reached 3.504 billion, having a significant decrease of 38.9%.

Correspondingly, for April the new overdue debt reached 183 million, while last year in the same period it had reached 178 million, marking a slight increase of 3%.

The total of overdue debts has decreased significantly, but this fact is of a technical nature, due to the cancellation of O.S.E.’s debts. The total overdue debt amounts to 107.7 billion at the end of April, while at the end of April it was 115.2 billion.

Accordingly, actual overdue balance amounts to 81.4 billion from 88.9 billion

It is worth noting that information from the Ministry of Finance indicates that the course of revenues was positive in May as well. The final budget execution figures are expected to be announced in the coming days.

Of these debtors, 2,050,089 taxpayers are open to seizure of bank deposits and other assets and auctions, while 1,441,895 million debtors have been subject to compulsory measures, i.e. seizure of salaries and bank accounts.

The collection of taxes by category is as follows:

• Corporate income tax: The rate of timely payment amounts to 91.79%. 22.95 million euros were paid to the public against a total debt of 25 million euros. In March the corresponding percentage was 60.26%, while for the whole of +2022 it was 87.08%.

• VAT: On-time payments reached 85.90% after the total debt of 1.345 billion. 1.155 billion euros entered the state coffers. euros, marking a drop compared to March which was 88.81%. 2022 closed with a compliance rate of 85.36%.

• Real Estate Tax: Last February, the last installment of the 2022 ENFIA was paid, while the payment of the ENFIA installments for the year 2023 started last month. The collection rate of the ENFIA was set in January at 81.34% and February to 81.75% while in 2022 it had moved to 77.22%.

• Personal income tax: 54.78% of the tax was paid on time with collections amounting to 5.8 million euros from a debt of 10.59 million euros. In March the compliance rate of natural persons was significantly higher at 60.26% and in 2022 it moved to 74.69%.

The overall compliance of taxpayers in the payment of all taxes, (income tax, VAT and VAT) in April reached 85.77% from 88.50% in March and 83.30% in the whole of 2022.