Not two, not four, but ten days he closed a bar in Laganas, Zakynthos.

The auditors of the Independent Public Revenue Authority had imposed a 48-hour lock on the company in mid-July, because it was found to be issuing receipts, but not transmitting them to the AADE system.

However, despite this fact, the owner of the business then considered that he was above the law, as a result of which he opened the store with “that’s what I want”, that is, not obeying the penalty that was imposed on him.

Finally, and with the contribution of the Police, the business was closed – as doubly suspicious – for ten days, with the businessman finally doing the obvious, that is, obeying the letter of the law!

At the same time, AADE inspectors proceeded to a number of new 48-hour lockouts throughout Greece, including in:

Steakhouse in Kolonaki, which had not sent 108 receipts to e-send.
Steakhouse in Vouliagmeni, for not transmitting more than 100 receipts.
Canteen with umbrellas in Kissamos Chania, because he had not issued 15 receipts.
Cafeteria in Poros, for not transmitting 3,584 receipts.
Tavern in Poros for not transmitting 352 receipts.
Restaurant in Kos, for not transmitting 1,041 receipts.
Snack bar with umbrellas in Kos, because he had not cut 17 receipts.
Restaurant in Heraklion Peninsula, for not issuing 10 receipts.
Refreshment in Kavala, for not issuing 15 receipts.
Cafeteria in Thassos, for non-transmission of 685 data
Hair salon in the southern suburbs, for not transmitting 489 receipts.
Well-known fish restaurant in Aegina, for not transmitting 949 receipts
Cafeteria in Salamina, for not transmitting 866 receipts
Canteen with umbrellas in Poros, for not issuing receipts

Controls continue throughout Greece.