Panel SA: Ômicron moves the travel insurance market


The travel insurance market sees a surge in consumer demand for Covid coverage after the explosion of the omicron variant.

SulAmérica says that requests for an extension of stay at the destination have grown – a service normally used when a person receives a positive diagnosis.

According to the company, travel insurance sales grew by 38% in the first three weeks of January compared to the same period in 2021.

Allianz Travel says it has seen significant growth in customer service calls to people with questions about coronavirus coverage.

According to the company, the use of insurance grew after the holidays.

According to Paulo Kalassa, from the broker 3 SEG, despite the higher price of coverage for Covid, the client is interested because the disease raises concerns about issues such as increased stay and the return or accommodation of companions.

with Andressa Motter e Ana Paula Branco


Source: Folha

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