They were caught in the hands of Georgiadis-Polakis in Parliament – They were separated by the guard


The Minister of Development and Investment had an intense verbal incident between them in the cafe of the Parliament, Adonis Georgiades and the former Deputy Minister of Health and Member of Parliament for SYRIZA, Pavlos Polakis. Their voices were so loud that they could be heard up to the MPs’ locker room, while it was necessary the intervention of the police guard of the Parliament to separate them. The incident, according to information, started when Mr. Polakis, who was sitting with SYRIZA MPs at a table in the cafe of the Parliament, next to another with a large group of ND MPs, addressed Mr. Georgiadis, saying in a threatening manner “We will say it the day after tomorrow, Tuesday. I will come on Tuesday and you will wear a tin underpants “, implying the day of the discussion of the development law in the Parliament. “Anytime. “On Wednesday, I will sue you for one million euros, if you do not apologize to me”, Mr. Georgiadis replied, referring to the accusations of Mr. Polakis against him for Novartis case, which has been entered in the file. “Be careful because the easier the cases are archived the easier they are retrieved from the archive”, Mr. Polakis opposed him, with the result that the tension peaked and the intervention of the police of the Parliamentary Guard was needed.

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