Today, Wednesday, October 4, 2023, the DYPA is paying a one-off benefit of 300 euros to an additional 1,275 non-subsidized long-term unemployed who prepared a Digital Individual Action Plan (Digital ASD). In total, so far the benefit has been paid to 74,238 beneficiaries. Payments appear in the accounts of the beneficiaries within 1-2 business days after they are paid.

The “bonus” was established by the “Jobs Again” law (n. 4921/2022), with the aim of activating the long-term unemployed through the creation of an updated Digital ASD, on the basis of which they will be able to direct themselves to actions to develop their employability and find work .

It is recalled that beneficiaries of the new benefit are the long-term unemployed who:

  • They have completed continuous registered unemployment of more than 5 years and then prepare a Digital ASD and
  • They have an income of up to 16,000 euros for singles, 24,000 euros for married people (increased by 3,000 euros per child) or 27,000 euros for single-parent families (increased by 3,000 euros per child).

The procedure for paying the benefit is as follows:

Potential beneficiaries enter the platform with TaxisNet codes:

  • Register or update the bank account details (IBAN) for the payment of the benefit, as well as their marital status

DYPA checks the fulfillment of the conditions ex officio (unemployment period and Digital ASD), as well as by cross-checking with the data of competent bodies (AADE, HDIKA)

The payment is made automatically to the accounts of the beneficiaries

It is pointed out that only those who have been long-term unemployed for more than 5 years and have completed a Digital ASD can enter the platform and register an IVAN.

Those unemployed who have already drawn up an Individual Action Plan (API) should convert it into a Digital API. In particular, they enter with TaxisNet codes the electronic services (eservices) of DYPA and confirm or update the details of the ASD, so that it turns into a Digital ASD.

Those who are unemployed and have not already completed an ASD should make an appointment with a job counselor at the Employment Promotion Center (KPA2) in their area, either via video conference (MyDYPAlive) or in person.

To make an appointment via video conference, the unemployed should visit the email address:

To book a live appointment, the unemployed should visit the email address:

For more information visit: