Important deadlines related to the program of the Ministry of Environment and Energy are extended: “Recycle – Change Water Heater”, which are related to the following: end of cashing of frozen cheques, delivery of old devices by beneficiaries and possibility of refunds – cancellations of transactions. It is clarified that the deadline for purchases does not change, it remains today, Tuesday, October 24, 2023.

In particular, regarding the new “Recycle – Change Water Heater” deadlines:

  1. Expiry date for cashing held checks: Checks that are in a “merchant held” status can now be cashed up to and including Monday, November 20, 2023 (from November 8, 2023, which was the previous deadline).
  2. Delivery of old devices by beneficiaries: Deliveries of old devices for recycling, from beneficiaries to traders, can be made until Monday, November 20 (from November 8, 2023, which was valid until now). Especially for check redemptions, which are in a “dealer-bound” status, deliveries of old devices for recycling by beneficiaries can be made until Thursday, November 30 (from November 23, which was planned).
  3. Refunds/cancellations: With the new data, refunds and cancellations can be made until Thursday, November 30 (from November 23, which was in effect). Within the same time period, the purchase of new devices (new redemption) is permitted only for checks canceled after the program’s purchase cut-off date, i.e. after October 24, 2023.