SYRIZA provided for a tax relief of 1,500 euros for the self-employed and sole proprietorships, the N.D. brings a minimum tax of 1,700 euros with new presumptions and the non-abolition of the pretension fee“, says Nikos Pappas, Head of the Finance Department of K.O. of SYRIZA, commenting on the new tax bill.

Among other things, Mr. Pappas talks about targeting the self-employed at the same time that they need support and a fair tax system.

Mr. Pappa’s statement in detail:

The Mitsotakis government, instead of cracking down on tax evasion, makes all the self-employed and individual businesses “guilty” of an alleged collective responsibility, which brings us back to the rhetoric and policies of the first memorandums.

The sham government effort of “fair taxation” now imposes a minimum tax of 1,100 euros on high presumptive income to everyone without exception.

Added to this burden is the 650 euros of the pretense fee, which Mr. Mitsotakis promised (from 2018) to abolish, but he maintains it to this day.

The government proposal of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance was and is clear. Tax-free at 10,000 euros for everyone without exception, with the benefit of a tax deduction of 900 euros and an additional relief of 650 euros from the abolition of the pretension fee.

Unfortunately, the uphill battle of small and medium-sized companies does not end here. After the 9.6% increase in contributions in 2023, it looks like a new increase of 4% is coming in early 2024.

The self-employed and small businesses need support and a fair tax system, not targeting and additional unfair burdens.