We were waiting for the reactions. On both sides, the wage earners that you do little, the other that you are punitive. We step forward, the intervention weighed. Tax evasion must be tackled immediately. The freelancer cannot live with less than his employee, who is paid the minimum wage, he emphasized speaking to Sky 100.3 and Vassilis Chiotis and Noti Papadopoulosthe Minister of Economy and Finance, Kostis Hatzidakis.

THE Mr. Hatzidakis also noted:

– We will not move away from the philosophy of the bill, but we will not ignore the observations. The evidence in Greece is disputed. Can someone go to the tax office? We must determine what is combatable and what is not, not to open loopholes in the law.

In Greece, out of the 735,000 freelancers, 500,000 have income exclusively from the freelance profession. Of these, 85% pay 867 euros a year, together with the application fee. The average wage earner pays 1,160. Do we think this is fair? The average pensioner pays 867 euros. If we want this, let’s agree on it.

-If there is a sharp decrease in turnover, etc., there are already indirect control techniques. Income from freelancers was 0.8% of GDP, compared to 2.1% in the EU and the Eurozone – three times more than us. There is a big gap between Greece and the Eurozone. The goal is to go to 1.1-1.2%, again we are below, but we are doing something.
– Our effort is multi-layered. The bill includes 11 different initiatives, POS expansion, e-invoicing, anti-smuggling measures, penalties for cash usage – we’re making a multi-layered effort. The VAT gap is falling, in 2027 the goal is to have gone to 9%.

– 3.8 million checks have been carried out and the information provides useful information for the authorities to take the corresponding measures.