By Chrysostomos Tsoufis

It may be that from the New Year 2023 the submission of inheritance tax declarations for many cases has become mandatory electronically, but there were many cases which could not be supported by the myProperty platform and therefore managed centrally by the system. Until now, these were cleared by the tax authorities.

All this until…yesterday. By decision of its head AADE Giorgos Pitsilis, now the specific cases get their… position in myProperty and in the inheritance tax declaration category through D.O.Y. The relevant decision concerns:

All types of inheritance tax declarations for deaths until 31/12/2021

For deaths from 1/1/2022:

1. Initial and amending declarations (due or overdue) that are not supported by the myPROPERTYDeclaration application

2. Amending declarations (due or overdue), if a declaration (initial or amending) has already been submitted in paper form to the D.O.Y. or electronically through the “Inheritance Tax Declaration via D.O.Y.”

3. The declarations with a request for deferred taxation and the declarations submitted after the expiry of the deferred taxation.

For each heir-beneficiary pair a single declaration is drawn up regardless of the bequeathed assets. If there is more than one heir, correspondingly more declarations are drawn up.

The declaration is completed and submitted by the obliged persons and their legally authorized persons with or without the mediation of a notary using the personal TAXISnet codes.

The Clearing will be done by the competent tax office and the tax will be notified electronically to the taxpayer’s personal account on the myAADE digital portal.

The mandatory supporting documents are submitted with the declaration. For movable assets or real estate outside the Objective Value Determination System, the market value or the declared value thereof, respectively, is indicated.

Any exemptions, discounts or reductions are filled in on all returns and previous donations or parental benefits submitted in paper form, if any, are indicated, as well as the tax assessed on each return.

According to tax law the necessary supporting documents include :

1. Death certificate (only for declarations submitted to the D.O.Y. in paper form)

2. Decision to publish a will

3. Inheritance certificate or certificate (of marital status or guarantor relatives) from the competent municipal authority or, in case of its inability to issue, sworn statement of two witnesses on the type and degree of kinship to the inheritee

4. Certificate from the Secretary of the competent Magistrates’ Court or Court of First Instance regarding non-publication of a will or non-publication of a newer will, as the case may be

5. Legalizing document, in case the declaration is submitted by a proxy or representative or a legal representative

6. The sheets for determining the value of real estate and calculating the value of shares, businesses, etc., according to the POL.1055/2003 decision.

7. Copy of the lease agreement, or the constituent trust document, or the statutory document of a legal person or institution, as the case may be, proving the manner and type of induction and the legal form and character of the taxable person

8. In case of default, the final court decision declaring the default and the page of the newspaper in which this decision has been published

The digital submission of specific inheritance tax returns through this myProperty application is optional until the end of the year. From the New Year 2024, the electronic declaration becomes mandatory.