According to the government, a series of provisions that have been included in the multi-legislation that will be introduced in a short time in the Plenary Session aims at securing the salaries of public sector personnel.

With the multi-law bill and with regard to the provisions of competence of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance:

The increase of 70 euros is guaranteed in the public sector, starting from 1/1/2024, since it becomes clear that they are not set off against any personal salary difference existing on 12/31/2023 (Article 36).

Granted from 1/1/2024 to mobile members of the Armed Forces and Security Forces, the increase in mileage allowance and domestic overnight accommodation expenses, which was granted to other civil servants, for reasons of equality (Article 37).

• It is ensured that amounts paid for hazardous and unhealthy work allowances to workers in the Greek defense systems are not sought by the state (Article 38).

• Provided increase in allowances, benefits and compensations of judicial officials and staff of the Legal Council of the State (article 39).

It is stipulated that the continuing education departments of salaried tourism professions may be covered and from resources of the state’s regular budget so that this academic year 2023 – 2024 can start on time but also to continue its funding for the following years (Article 40).

An extension of Fixed Term Private Law contracts is foreseen of the cleaning staff for the cleaning of the buildings of the Central Service and the regional services of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance and the Independent Public Revenue Authority.

The percentage of collections increases from consular and related fees, which are used to cover operational costs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Article 42).

It increases by 230 million euros the amount with which municipalities and regions are subsidized through central autonomous resources from the state budget (Article 44).

The validity of the exemption of the Greek aviation industry is extended until 31/12/2024 from the presentation of an insurance and tax awareness certificate (article 48).

The possibility of inclusion in the program of digital transformation and small and medium enterprises is foreseen established after 1/1/2022 (Article 49). A business is no longer required to have been established before 1 January 2022 to be eligible for support under the scheme for the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises through a voucher system. The government states that this “redresses the injustice previously experienced by start-ups established later, which are presumed to be in greater need”.

• Regional TV stations are exempted from the special TV advertising tax for 2024 (Article 50).

The composition of the Financial Intelligence Investigation Unit of the Anti-Money Laundering Authority is redefined (Article 51). As explained in the explanatory statement, “given the fact that the department responsible for the coordination of the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing has been transferred from the General Directorate of Economic Policy to the General Secretariat of Economic Policy and Strategy, an adjustment is made so that the staffing of the Authority’s First Unit should be done by the competent General Secretariat to which the competent Department D belongs and not by the General Directorate of Economic Policy”.